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Thai Derm Signature Treatment

Duration 1.5hr £85 2hr £105

Our signature package is a two hour combined treatment that will leave you energized, relaxed and rejuvenated.

We start with a firm but gentle traditional Thai massage to warm up your body followed by a Thai herbal compress that will relieve your muscle aches and untie those knotty tensions. The compress is steamed before application and transmits an energy releasing heat as pressure is applied. The stress relieving impact is instant

We follow up with a leisurely oil aromatherapy massage to complete the unwinding process, to gently stretch muscles and ease joints and to leave you with a feeling of stress free balance.

Thai Derm Dream

Duration 1.5hr £80 2hr £100

If you are looking for a treatment that will relax you in mind and body and relieve muscle tension then this package may be the perfect treat for you. Our hot stone massage utilizes the weight of the stone and its natural contours to apply controlled pressure which combines with the heat to produce a unique sensation as the muscle is gently worked, releasing energy and generating calm and balance. Stage two is our traditional Swedish massage enhanced with therapeutic and fragrant oils that will thoroughly relax you.

Thai Derm Healing

Duration 1.5hr £85

This treatment is perfect for after sport activities so if you have run a marathon or spent the week commuting to work on your bike this will help to relax and soothe your aching muscles and speed up your recovery process in time for the next gruelling challenge. We apply a hot herbal compress to the affected areas to boost circulation and help you loosen up and then introduce Swedish massage techniques, a combination of stroking, kneading and stretching to relieve muscle tension .

Thai Derm Body Scrub and Massage

Duration 1hr £55 1.5hr. £80 2hr £ 100

This package will refresh and rejuvenate your skin. We offer an enticing range of body scrubs designed to exfoliate and regenerate your skin and each one offers a full complement of fantastic herbal and floral fragrances. The aim is to remove the dry dead cells and to leave your skin tingling and cleansed. The treatment will be completed with a soothing massage leaving you calm, relaxed and radiating a glow of positive energy.

Thai Derm Body Wrap and Massage

Duration 1.5hr £90

Try this 1.5 hour massage combined with a seaweed wrap. We start off with a full body massage focusing on any areas of cellulite that may require attention and then proceed to the body wrap.

The seaweed body wrap cleanses and detoxifies the body, revitalizing the skin and enhancing the tone. The wrap consists of a thick paste made with seaweed, hot water, a blend of essential oils and clay which is applied to the body with a brush. If you have cellulite the relevant areas are tightly wrapped in cling film and the whole body is then swathed in a plastic sheet and a heat retaining blanket creating the right conditions for the paste to soak in to the skin and to do its beneficial work of eliminating toxins , cleansing the skin and reducing cellulite.

Traditional Thai massage

30mins- £30 45mins- £40 60mins- £45 90mins- £65

Thai massage is traditionally a healing or therapeutic technique and contrasts in style with the Swedish method . The Thai style involves the application of sustained pressure to the body as the client adopts a series of yoga like static positions . Pressure is applied in turn to the selected areas of the body and the rhythm is slow and methodical. The technique also involves a series of stretches and the overall effect is deeply relaxing and will relieve muscle or joint pain . It is said to stimulate the “ sen” energy lines. In contrast, Swedish massage relies on a more flowing series of stroking and muscle kneading work frequently facilitated by the application of aromatic oils. We find that our clients will often enjoy a combination of both approaches.

Swedish Massage

30mins- £30 45mins- £40 60mins- £45 90mins- £65

A massage aimed at relaxing the body by stroking and kneading the muscles easing aches and pains and relieving stress.

Aromatherapy Massage

30mins- £30 45mins- £40 60mins- £45 90mins- £65

We have a range of aromatherapy oils to meet a variety of conditions.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

30mins- £30 45mins- £40 60mins- £45 90mins- £65

This treatment is recommended by the NHS and is a gentle skin massage that helps the flow of fluid in the lymphatic system and reduces uncomfortable swelling. This is a very gentle skin massage and the style is slow and repetitive.